6’s, & 7's.

Of Sixes, & Sevens.

/Cafés/: Where i spend time, sussing stuff. (Cup and mis-manicured thumb, are the writer’s.)

“Of Sixes, and Sevens”….

This, was actually a phrase.

People have uttered it in a song, “at six and sevens with you”, which sounds seriously romantic at first — but what it means, is actually quite the opposite that you are actually always cross with or in a very unlikeable situation with, when you are presently with, or even just associated with that person.



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Kristin éM

Kristin éM


@KrisSn • Editor, OfHothouses&Breadcrumbs | Social+EthTech | Nanochurner of /thésocialapothékær/. Creative. Design. Product. | Chief of Treps, @¡treptrips!