Audrey Hepburn, (1929–1993) — born in belgium, was a UN amabassador as well as a movie star. She was in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of my favourite films in 1961. I loved all her movies — but this one in particular.

Sometimes, us pictographic types get burnt out with, you guessed it, pictures.

It’s everywhere.



Films. Which are moving pictures, at 24 (still) frames per second.


Tonnes and tonnes. Of pixels, of pictures.


Micro-dotty things that compose a bigger wider, more pixelised picture.


What do you do with those?

These little mind garbage…. the things your mind throws up?

Do people recycle them, or buy one big

island to dump them in?

Or just tolerate them — just as we do-and decide, that

maybe, one day they won’t be as bad — and won’t be as loved, and remembered and useful, and chaotic, but will actually be regarded

with unLouped eyes,



Well. There’s the dream.



In that space where nocturnal

Pitter patter happens.

Not from the rain,

Not in the hot tin roof,

Not on summers when

The palm trees sway

In the golden sunlight.

Not when the cold air

Saves us from the stifle.

I feel that tug,

When I remember

Things gone by.

And realise,

That my


Just saved

Me from a



— 4/ Jan/ 2023



Kristin éM

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