Things you do as an adult.

(A Series)

Top to Bottom:Dan Walsh, 2007 Artsy, Glen Ligon, 2021 Artsy, Katia Santibañez, 2017 Artsy.

Apart from moving houses mid-pandemic, and finishing a space/ website, i also started with a Podcast with friends last year. So on a side remark, visit “The hothouse voices”, where Richard Fields and i remark on a range of topics. Casual, non casual, and the stuff of adults.

This week, it is about the posturing of inclusion in adults.



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Kristin éM

Kristin éM


@KrisSn • Editor, OfHothouses&Breadcrumbs | Social+EthTech | Nanochurner of /thésocialapothékær/. Creative. Design. Product. | Chief of Treps, @¡treptrips!